CUET 2022: How A Common Entrance Test Is All Beneficial

The Central Universities Common Entrance Test, which will be conducted by the National Testing Agency, would be a common entrance test for admissions to 45+ central universities in India. Students who are going to appear for the CUET 2022 exam, must check out the CUET syllabus, exam pattern and other important details on the official CUET website

Until 2022, each central university had its own admissions system for UG and PG programs. To unify this procedure, the Education Ministry has introduced CUET, which will be conducted by NTA as a standard exam for admissions to all of India’s central universities. While the CUET success rate has yet to be determined, we feel that this uniform admission test format for undergraduate students who meet the CUET eligibility criteria will be more than a boon but a game-changer.

On that note, let’s discuss some of the reasons why CUET will be a boon for students seeking admission to UG and PG courses in central universities of India.


The first and greatest objective for students was to keep track of when institutions and colleges released their admission forms. It’s nearly like keeping a calendar to keep track of essential dates like forms, admission procedures, and entrance exam dates (wherever applicable). The cost of purchasing and submitting (online or offline) forms was also incurred.

With CUET, there would be no need to fill out various forms for different universities, which means money will be saved.

Tracking University-Wise Syllabus Or Requirements

Because most students prefer to leave their options open, they frequently attempt to pass entrance tests for various central universities such as Aligarh Muslim University, University of Allahabad, Jamia Millia Islamia, and Assam University.

Students will prepare rigorously or strenuously, keeping in mind the various syllabi provided by various central universities.

As the new academic session begins, students will find it easier to prepare for a single entrance exam with a single syllabus to remember.

Fair Representation Of State Board Students

In terms of evaluation, it has long been contested if state boards are stricter than centralised boards such as CBSE or ICSE. This has resulted in a significant disparity in the marks achieved by students depending on the boards they have attended.

Cut-off marks for various Delhi University colleges stay above 95%. This has resulted in an unfair disadvantage for state board students, who do not have the same numbers as their CBSE or ICSE colleagues.

CUET will be the new leveler, as a common entrance test will assist students to decide their fate rather than boards allowing or discouraging them from entering a specific university.

Clarity – Date Clash, Rankings and Choices

Previously, a student interested in a specific undergraduate field would apply to as many universities as possible and await the release of the earliest merit list or entrance results.

That student can either enroll in the first institution that offers admission or wait for the results of another university to be announced.

The dilemma of either taking admission or waiting for additional results to be released has always been a stressful one. And, in many cases, the deadlines for admission and the announcement of results at multiple colleges coincide, putting a student under enormous pressure to choose the first option rather than the best.

CUET will eliminate this problem for students, allowing them to plan based on their rankings rather than dates.

Easy Way To Explore Universities

Even after the admissions process was put online, it was difficult to investigate all of the available possibilities. Because, in the end, students would have to travel a long distance or visit many locations to learn about other universities.

This CUET will provide students with a fair judgment as to where they can all apply for admission based on one single merit if they do not make it to one of their preferred destinations. CUET will enable students to conveniently navigate a broader selection of educational possibilities.

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